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Why my gps can not WORK in my house ?
Ans: GPS can only WORK when it is connected with satellite firstly you should use it in the OPEN air outside the house, the house or building will shield out the satellite signal, of course gps can not work if it can not receive satellite signal.
Why my gps battery last so little time?
Ans: GPS is a product that mostly used in car with its car charger, not in home, so the designer of this product did not put big capacity battery inside the gps. Normally it work can only last around 1 or 1.5 hours after its battery fully charged.
Why my gps no sound?
Ans: GPS have a basic function is FM transmitter, this is a function that can transmit the sound of the gps to your car radio stereo while the GPS FM frequency set same as Car radio frequency. So pls check in your GPS main menu, if you OPEN your GPS FM transmitter, it will change to no sound automatically and sound will be transferred to your Car radio stereo.
Why my gps can not locate my place exactly?
Ans: Normally gps have around 10~20 meters location accurancy difference, also sometimes the difference will be little more because of some reason like bad weather, USA government on satellite policy, dense overhead obstacles or heat insulation file on your car window, in that case, pls try again your gps in some other place or at another time.
Why my gps car charger can not work?
Ans: The current is very big when you start on your car, so if you recharge your gps first and then start on your car, the big current will burn your car charger and makes it can not work. So pls do not recharge your gps before start on your car.
Why my gps date/ time is not correct?
Ans: The date/ time in your gps only be used for satellite time, so it can only work properly while gps connected with satellite, once you close your gps, it can not CONNECT with satellite, the date/time will stop, so it can not be used same as a clock.
Q: How to update my map software?
Ans: ....contact to helpline..

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